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Heart Songs

Introducincg (THE VOICE) Steve "Doc" Willoughby One of the finest Vocalist ,Entertainers on todays music scene. Listen as he pulls at your emotions on 16 Hit songs. Moving through multiple styles effortlessly. Lifting your sprits and moving your soul.Great easy listening for the office, or the car.

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Price: $11.99

Heart Songs

Heart Songs
MP3 1. Brother Love's Show MP3 9. I Who Have Nothing
MP3 2. Pretty Woman MP3 10. Cherry, Cherry
MP3 3. My Girl MP3 11. All Night Long
MP3 4. Margerittaville MP3 12. Nice & Easy
MP3 5. How Am I Supposed To... MP3 13. Songs Of Life
MP3 6. All My X's MP3 14. If You Know What I Mean
MP3 7. Blue Highway MP3 15. America (Coming To)
MP3 8. Key Largo MP3 16. While The Feeling's Good
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For A Song...

"For A Song" contains 11 original songs from Steve Willoughby and is available on CD ($11.00) -- includes mailing costs.  Allow two weeks for delivery.

Please click on the samples below to preview.

Steve Willoughby: For A Song




  1. Since You're Gone MP3
  2. For A Song MP3
  3. Tell Me MP3
  4. All My Life MP3
  5. Can't Go Home MP3
  6. Walking With My Jesus MP3
  7. Mother Road MP3
  8. Children of the Street MP3
  9. Lost in Carolina MP3
  10. Thin Ice MP3
  11. Oh What A Day MP3
All songs written and performed by Steve Willoughby  2000

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You Create The CD

Steve will make a one-of-a-kind
CD for you. You pick the 12

A Very Unique Gift

Price: $12.00


  S A M P L E   S O N G S

  America (Coming To) MP3
  Pretty Woman MP3
  My Girl MP3
  All My X's (Live in Texas) MP3

 Other Songs & Albums available by request. 


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