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Steve Willoughby © BMI

Day after day we muddle through, trying so hard for the red, white and blue
With stars in our eyes, dreams in our heart till some politician tears it all apart.

Our fore-fathers they took a stand, fought for freedom in this brave new land.
But some how, some way screwed up the plan,
Let it all slip away right through their greedy little hands.

So I’m telling you people, gotta be something we can do
to chase away these “American Blues”
Get back to our families, back to our roots;
I’m talkin’ bout me, yeah I’m talking about you.

You see them on the street, with sad hollow eyes.
Sometimes all they get to eat is empty alibi’s
With no where to turn, and no where to go.
Seems the American Dream, left them busted, broke and cold.

Lost their farm, lost the house, losing their hope and
Finding their doubt.
Livin’ in cars, in cardboard towns.
Till city hall decides to burn em’ all down.

So tell me Mr. President, can you show some guts & heart
And lead this GREAT COUNTRY back out of the dark.
Put jobs back in our factories, faith back in our schools
One nation under “GOD” - LIVIN’ BY THE GOLDEN RULE

Please Mr. President, can you take a stand
And put the word “PROMISE” back into this promise land
So we’ll never again have to sing ……


For A Song...


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Steve Willoughby: For A Song



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All songs written and performed by Steve Willoughby  © 2000

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Spotlight Section 4

More great songs you've never heard

Sunday, December 10, 2006
When Star-Ledger music critics picked their "25 Greatest Songs You've Never Heard" (Spotlight, Nov. 19), we invited readers to name their own favorite little-known-but-nonetheless-great songs. Following is a sampling of some of the responses we received:

"(There's) a beautiful, sad song by Steve Willoughby. It is titled "Since You're Gone." I heard this very poignant song 19 years ago, when my boyfriend passed away. It was fitting at that time in my life. A few years ago, I located Mr. Willoughby, and was able to purchase the CD from him. It is lovely, he is a gentleman, and a Jersey boy." Joanne Cecere, Bloomfield


SINCE YOU’RE GONE” written & performed by journeyman Steve Willoughby is a song destined to become a favorite for years to come. This melancholy lyric and haunting melody makes one pause and remember how much we truly cherish our loved ones. Produced by Grammy award winner Rick Iantosca, who recorded and produced hits with Kool & The Gang, Hall & Oates, and Jimmy Cliff to name a few.

From the forthcoming album “Mother Road” arriving Jan 2006



Words and Music by
Steve Willoughby

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"Every once in a while a song comes along, that pulls at the heartstrings"

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50% of all profits go to The Cancer & SMA Foundations (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) in loving memory of my sister brenda willoughby
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